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Betsy DeVon’s Amazing Heart of Philanthropy

Besty DeVos is a philanthropist, businesswoman, activist, and politician from America. She belongs to the Republican Party and her interest is in the education sector. Her passion and drive for the education sector led her to become Secretary of Education. President Donald Trump appointed her after he became president. In 1989, the DeVos family established a philanthropic foundation. Much of their money is towards charitable cause reflecting Christian beliefs and conservative political ideologies. By 2015, the foundation had contributed up to $10 million. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

This money had been given to organizations. For example, Loudspeaker Media received $400,000 for an education site it had launched. Another example is Success Academy Charter Schools. They received $150,000 and an additional similar amount to be delivered in the future. Most of the causes the DeVos family supports are related to education development. Betsy aims is to see the funded school excel in their academics and other activities. Betsy believes that public schools are not the only ones that should receive public funds. Private religious schools need public funds as well. She has stood for reformation in regions with poor quality education.

According to the history of the DeVos family, philanthropy is a practice in the family lineage. Led by Betsy, this family has been committing hundreds of millions to institutions, legal groups and leadership among others. Betsy’s philanthropy is distributed nationally. Apart from sponsoring education events, Betsy also donates money for political reasons. For example, she has contributed for election-related objectives. During the past elections, Michigan received about $44 million. Apart from politics and education, Betsy and her family have donated large amounts to hospitals, art organizations, health research and evangelical missions among other causes. Betsy was born in Michigan and grew up in the same state. She went to school there as well until graduating with a degree in Arts. Betsy has been brought in Christianity and it explains her passion for philanthropy.

Betsy Devos chairs the Windquest Group, a firm that makes investments in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Betsy and her husband Dick have invested heavily in Neurocore. This line of business is about offering therapy services for illnesses such as depression, ADD, anxiety, and autism among other conditions. The contributions done by Betsy and her family are admirable. She is determined to change the nation and impact it positively. By funding different sectors, it is an indication that her aim is to make an overall impact. Although Betsy comes from an elite family, it is important for her to advance this legacy. Her family has been philanthropists for many years. It is expected that she will also teach coming generation to carry on this mantle. The DeVon family is among numerous other families that generously support causes within the nation and in other countries.

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George Soros, the Politically Savoy Philanthropist

George Soros, one of the leading philanthropists in the world has given more than $12 billion. Through his generous contributions, organizations around the world as well as individuals have been able to fight for freedoms of expression, transparency, equality and accountability. He has been a supporter of those who have been discriminated on grounds of what they do or what they are. He has supported drug users, LGBTI and sex workers.

Soros, who was born in Hungary, experienced this kind of discrimination living through the Nazi occupation that led to deaths of thousands of Hungarian Jews. Soros and his family were able to get false papers and help others do the same to avoid persecution and death. Soros went to London where he worked as a waiter and railway porter. He worked hard to raise money for his ‘London School of Economics’ tuition. He emigrated to US in 1956 and began working in the investment sector where he grew manifold. His hedge fund, which he started in 1970, became so successful that it pushed him to renown among US business communities ‘who is who’.


He started ‘Open Society Foundations’, a network bringing together world foundations and partners. Soros is influenced by Karl Popper’s philosophy which indicates that ‘no ideology is final in the arbitration of truth’. It advocates for ‘freedom of expression ‘human rights respect and democratic governance. Soros was first involved in philanthropy when in 1979 he gave scholarships to South Africans suffering under apartheid rule. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Respected and Dreaded in Equal Measure

George, who is 86 years old, is seen by leftists as a rich man supporting causes that are favored by liberals as well. The right wing individuals on the other hand view him as nefarious and dangerous, notwithstanding a lack of evidence. He is seen as a puppet master who controls, secretly though, the global politics and economics. Since his rise as a hedge fund manager, Soros has had conspiracy theorists on his case. Soros’ outright support for groups seeking to block ‘George .W. Bush’s re-election brought him more attention He criticized the Iraq war, something that made him supporters and detractors. He still speaks out for migrants and oppressed people.

Political Support

Though George Soros is criticized for his political involvement, the Koch brothers, who are leftists, are known to donate to republican causes according to Timothy Melley, a professor at Miami University. In his native Hungary, laws have been passed to close one of the University’s Soros opened in Budapest and this has caused protests. He is wrongly accused of being against the euro and termed as an ‘enemy of the euro’

No Plot

While many of his detractors see him as a schemer, his foundation is steadfast in its social justice commitment. It has spent over $1.6 billion on ‘democratic developments’ across Eastern Europe. Soros, like any other liberal, is hoping Trump is not reelected. Learn more about his profile at


The Movement To End Citizens United

There’s a new Political Action Committee (PAC) that’s working to end the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United ruling. In the ruling, the court ruled that corporations are people and as such have a free speech right to donate as much as they want to political candidates and causes. This ruling has opened the floodgates of money going into politics that is being given by corporations and wealthy individuals which swamp out the voice of 99% of the population. End Citizens United PAC was formed in order to put back in place limits on how much any one company or wealthy donor can give.

In the first month after End Citizens United formed they were able to raise $2 million from small donors and expected to take in $25-30 million during the entire cycle of fundraising. The goal of this PAC is to put politicians in place that will support a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling. The PAC has endorses a number of Democratic candidates who have publically denounced the court’s ruling and support a constitutional amendment. They also have an expenditure arm which gives financial donations to the candidates that they back.

End Citizens United is involved in the local, state, and federal levels of government in pushing for campaign finance reform and building the consensus that will be needed for a constitutional amendment to be passed. In order for a constitutional amendment to pass it needs to be ratified by three-fourths of the states and receive two-thirds of the votes in both the House and Senate. This is a difficult hurdle to get over, and as an example the United States hasn’t passed a constitutional amendment since 1992. At a minimum End Citizens United is keeping a spotlight on the issue with the hopes that if an amendment doesn’t pass in time a new Supreme Court justice will be appointed that will shift the balance of power in a new case that comes before the court.

The reason why the group supports Democrats is that while many Republicans agree that political spending is out of control the Republican leadership stands in the way of any meaningful reform. To change this situation End Citizens United seeks to help Democratic candidates defeat their Republican opponents at ballot boxes across the nation.

End Citizens United is headquartered in Washington D.C. The Board of Directors for the PAC includes Ron Barber, Jessica Vanden Berg, Christopher Massicotte, and Lanae Erickson Hatalsky. All four board members have a wealth of experience in politics and how to get legislation passed. For example, Ron Barber is a former Congressman that represented Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, while Hatalsky has been a leader at Third Way working on issues such as abortiona and immigration.