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Betsy DeVon’s Amazing Heart of Philanthropy

Besty DeVos is a philanthropist, businesswoman, activist, and politician from America. She belongs to the Republican Party and her interest is in the education sector. Her passion and drive for the education sector led her to become Secretary of Education. President Donald Trump appointed her after he became president. In 1989, the DeVos family established a philanthropic foundation. Much of their money is towards charitable cause reflecting Christian beliefs and conservative political ideologies. By 2015, the foundation had contributed up to $10 million. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

This money had been given to organizations. For example, Loudspeaker Media received $400,000 for an education site it had launched. Another example is Success Academy Charter Schools. They received $150,000 and an additional similar amount to be delivered in the future. Most of the causes the DeVos family supports are related to education development. Betsy aims is to see the funded school excel in their academics and other activities. Betsy believes that public schools are not the only ones that should receive public funds. Private religious schools need public funds as well. She has stood for reformation in regions with poor quality education.

According to the history of the DeVos family, philanthropy is a practice in the family lineage. Led by Betsy, this family has been committing hundreds of millions to institutions, legal groups and leadership among others. Betsy’s philanthropy is distributed nationally. Apart from sponsoring education events, Betsy also donates money for political reasons. For example, she has contributed for election-related objectives. During the past elections, Michigan received about $44 million. Apart from politics and education, Betsy and her family have donated large amounts to hospitals, art organizations, health research and evangelical missions among other causes. Betsy was born in Michigan and grew up in the same state. She went to school there as well until graduating with a degree in Arts. Betsy has been brought in Christianity and it explains her passion for philanthropy.

Betsy Devos chairs the Windquest Group, a firm that makes investments in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Betsy and her husband Dick have invested heavily in Neurocore. This line of business is about offering therapy services for illnesses such as depression, ADD, anxiety, and autism among other conditions. The contributions done by Betsy and her family are admirable. She is determined to change the nation and impact it positively. By funding different sectors, it is an indication that her aim is to make an overall impact. Although Betsy comes from an elite family, it is important for her to advance this legacy. Her family has been philanthropists for many years. It is expected that she will also teach coming generation to carry on this mantle. The DeVon family is among numerous other families that generously support causes within the nation and in other countries.

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