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Bob Reina, Opportunity, and the Growth of Talk Fusion

The internet has dramatically changed the way that everything works within the business world. From the way that we approach customers to the way that customers find us, the internet has made it a different system. That is why Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has been making such an impact as the leader of one of the largest video marketing and communication solution companies on the internet. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by Bob Reina on the hunch that video marketing would become a powerhouse in the future. Now, a decade later, we can safely say that Reina was right. He saw it coming. Learn more:


Bob Reina never dreamed that he would become a video marketing professional. In fact, just over a decade ago Bob Reina was looking at a career and a future pension as a police officer. Reina was ten years into his work as a police officer when, during an off duty gig, he met up with a network marketing professional. During this chance encounter Reina was able to learn quite a bit about a quick growing industry. The seeds were planted early on and Reina knew that there was something to think about and take advantage of. Talk Fusion wouldn’t be born for a few more years, but the gears were already turning.


2004 became a flagship year for Bob Reina and what would eventually become Talk Fusion. Reina was touring a home that he wanted to purchase. He wanted to send a video of the house to friends and family through email but he failed to find a client available that would allow him to embed the video. Reina’s light instantly clicked on and he realized that there was room to innovate here. Reina hooked up with an old friend who was an it expert and the two immediately set out working on the Video Email application. Just a few short years later the program would go live and the rest would be history. Now Talk Fusion is continuing their push toward excellence within a market that demands so much and they are succeeding easily.

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