George Soros, the Politically Savoy Philanthropist

George Soros, one of the leading philanthropists in the world has given more than $12 billion. Through his generous contributions, organizations around the world as well as individuals have been able to fight for freedoms of expression, transparency, equality and accountability. He has been a supporter of those who have been discriminated on grounds of what they do or what they are. He has supported drug users, LGBTI and sex workers.

Soros, who was born in Hungary, experienced this kind of discrimination living through the Nazi occupation that led to deaths of thousands of Hungarian Jews. Soros and his family were able to get false papers and help others do the same to avoid persecution and death. Soros went to London where he worked as a waiter and railway porter. He worked hard to raise money for his ‘London School of Economics’ tuition. He emigrated to US in 1956 and began working in the investment sector where he grew manifold. His hedge fund, which he started in 1970, became so successful that it pushed him to renown among US business communities ‘who is who’.


He started ‘Open Society Foundations’, a network bringing together world foundations and partners. Soros is influenced by Karl Popper’s philosophy which indicates that ‘no ideology is final in the arbitration of truth’. It advocates for ‘freedom of expression ‘human rights respect and democratic governance. Soros was first involved in philanthropy when in 1979 he gave scholarships to South Africans suffering under apartheid rule. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Respected and Dreaded in Equal Measure

George, who is 86 years old, is seen by leftists as a rich man supporting causes that are favored by liberals as well. The right wing individuals on the other hand view him as nefarious and dangerous, notwithstanding a lack of evidence. He is seen as a puppet master who controls, secretly though, the global politics and economics. Since his rise as a hedge fund manager, Soros has had conspiracy theorists on his case. Soros’ outright support for groups seeking to block ‘George .W. Bush’s re-election brought him more attention He criticized the Iraq war, something that made him supporters and detractors. He still speaks out for migrants and oppressed people.

Political Support

Though George Soros is criticized for his political involvement, the Koch brothers, who are leftists, are known to donate to republican causes according to Timothy Melley, a professor at Miami University. In his native Hungary, laws have been passed to close one of the University’s Soros opened in Budapest and this has caused protests. He is wrongly accused of being against the euro and termed as an ‘enemy of the euro’

No Plot

While many of his detractors see him as a schemer, his foundation is steadfast in its social justice commitment. It has spent over $1.6 billion on ‘democratic developments’ across Eastern Europe. Soros, like any other liberal, is hoping Trump is not reelected. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com.

Executive Director, Transportation

CTRMA Attacks Austin Traffic Problems with Multiple Strategies

Like many American cities, Austin has traffic congestion. In an article that appeared in the American Statesman in 2015, Mike Heiligenstein supports the publication’s position that implementing advanced technology is crucial to solving the area’s traffic problems. However, he argues that technology is only part of the solution. He adds that technology must be combined with a broad-based set of innovative strategies.

Heiligenstein is Executive Director of the Central Texas regional Mobility Authority, which is the agency charged with implementing solutions for transportation problems in Austin and surrounding areas. CTRMA is responsible for many projects, including the 183A Ceder Park toll road. In the article, Heiligenstein explains an innovative new project called the MoPac Express Lane. This system relies on technology to monitor traffic flow on highway express lanes. It uses a variable toll structure to adjust demand. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://twitter.com/mheiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein describes other innovative steps CTRMA is taking to prepare for the “smart roads of the future. One is to embed fiberoptic lines in roadways. These roads will be ready when cars can interact with traffic control systems.

The agency has also developed apps for drivers to help speed traffic flow and relieve congestion. A carpooling app helps commuters find others willing to share rides. Another app allows drivers to receive real-time updates on traffic conditions.

The CTRMA does not rely only on high tech solutions for Austin’s growing need for urban transportation. Another project is developing pedestrian and bike paths wherever it is feasible. This provides alternatives to driving, especially for short trips.

Heiligenstein stresses that CTRMA does not have answers to every traffic problem. What the agency does have is a commitment to finding and implementing innovative solutions.

The CTRMA is authorized to implement and manage transportation projects in Travis and Williamson counties in central Texas. Their success has brought national recognition in recent years. The agency is governed by a seven member board. The chairman is appointed by the governor of Texas. Each county appoints three board members. CTRMA has the authority to fund projects with taxes and/or user fees.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein has been executive director of CTRMA since 2003. He has over 30 years experience in public service. Although he supports “smart roads” and other innovative approaches to managing traffic issues, he also has a people-centered philosophy.

He is an advocate for including bike and pedestrian paths in urban development plans. Heiligenstein attended the University of Texas and holds master’s degrees in government and business.


How Does Richard Blair Offer Advice Through Wealth Solutions?

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions works to ensure that all his clients would have better options for managing their money. Richard has spent quite a lot of time helping people to ensure that they have a place to invest their money. This article explains how Richard is giving his clients better wealth management solutions, helping them invest for the future and save for a rainy day.


#1: The Wealth Solutions Difference


The Wealth Solutions difference is in how Richard offers advice to his clients. He is willing to look outside the bounds of what a normal retirement plan would be, and he will help his clients learn what they may do to create income when they retire. There are many different people who may invest in stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate. Richard is willing to be bold with his advice, and he will continue to offer bold advice as much as possible.Learn more : http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/


#2: There Is A Place For Every Retirement Account


There are many people who are looking for a retirement account that will serve them well, and they will find that it is quite simple to save money when they are using the Wealth Solutions staff. They may call the Wealth Solutions at any time, and they will learn quite a lot about how they may save money. The money that is saved through Richard’s company will become quite a best egg for the potential retiree, and they may choose from the options that are common for retirement accounts.Learn more : http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/


#3: Serving The Austin Community


The Austin community needs someone to build their retirement accounts, and these accounts will be quite helpful as they are built properly. There are many different people in the area who are hoping for a way to save for their future without work. The work that someone does to build their retirement account will help them save for the future, and they may keep their money in the Austin community when they are working with Wealth Solutions.Learn more : https://www.wealthminder.com/financial-advisors/TX/bee-cave/richard-blair/326407


There are quite a few people who are using Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions to save for retirement. They may have the income they need for retirement when required, and they will feel better knowing that they have the money they need to leave their career after many years they have put in. Contacting Richard Blair for help with a retirement account will ensure that all customers have a proper nest egg.


Architecture, Art, Interior Design

Richard Mishaan Design Inspiration For Your Next Home

Richard Mishaan recently had an interview with Architectural Digest, and it showcased his incredible work throughout the industry for his ability to craft beautiful homes using innovative ideas. He is known for being a world class decorator who knows and understands interior design and development. Building upon structural and unique ideas and crafting a sense of homage with his designs, it’s no wonder so many homeowners look to him to help find the style that suits them. With 20+ years in the industry, he definitely knows what is up for decorating and creating the best design for a home. Richard Mishaan Design has become a style icon for home design and architectural inspiration.


In the article, it showcased the home that Richard lived in and how he uses his own skills to find the right tune and rhythm for his very own home. It’s amazing what he has done for others that it is only normal his own home should be stunning and beautiful.


Who is Richard? Richard is known for being an all around designer and decorator. He focuses on architecture, interior design, and landscape designer. He does it all and is willing to help open up doors so your home can become a stunning safe haven for you and your family. Just a quick glance at his incredible collections and work showcases that he has all the tools and resources to help work with you so your home or even business office is designer the right way to fit your needs. His two Books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, are stunningly great knowledgeable books that can help educate you on all the right ways you can design your home.


Richard has worked on homes, offices, hotels, and stunning locations all across the globe, ranging from presidential suites in hotels to beautiful luxury apartments. He has done it all and helped craft the home for many.


There are several areas of a home that must be watched over that Richard believes must be done right. Things like the texture, tonality, and overall layers to the home all play a part to its design, and Richard is the guy to work with if you want quality designs.


CEO, Entrepreneur

How Vijay Eswaran Made It To The Forbes 50 Richest People List

Vijay Eswaran, a well known businessman from Malaysia, is the executive chairman of the QI Group. He was born in Penang in 1960 and studied at London School of Economics, Southern Illinois University and others. In 1998, he founded QI Group, which does work in the multilevel marketing industry. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://philanthropies.org/vijay-eswaran-2/

For example, QI Group owns QNet. Qnet sells products relating to nutrition, weight loss, home care, luxury goods, and much more. Vijay made QI Group grow so much that it brought in three quarters of a billion dollars in revenue in one year. He also brought it to such an extent of growth that it has operations in over twenty countries. The QI Group is a very big ecommerce business. It also deals in areas such as telecommunications and education training.

Vijay Eswaran is a well known author, speaker and writer as well. He gave speeches at the World Economic Forum, as well as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. He published a book called The Sphere of Silence in 2005. In it, he tells how he manages his time in order to succeed. He reveals that he has an hour of silence every single morning, and that is how he starts his day. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Three years later, he wrote and published another book, called In The Thinking Zone. Two years later, he wrote and published yet another book! This one was called 18 Stepping Stones. Last year, he published yet a fourth book, called Two Minutes from the Abyss. He also released a collection of his photographies. This one was called On the Wings of Thought.

He also has many programs going on. For example, there is TOD, or Thought of the Day. There is the RYTHM Foundation. He founded a charitable organization and named it after his father. This is called Vijayaratnam Foundation. He uses these foundations to provide mentorship and to give charity to people and to organizations.

In 2013, he was on Forbes’ List for the 50 most richest people (on their list for Asia and Malaysia). He was right in the middle on number 25. He was awarded the New Global Indian Award.

Dental Care

Reasons to Join MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a leading dental practice management company that was founded in the year 2007 by Dr. Chris Sullivan Villanueva. The company has the main goal of managing sole dental practices. They strive to ensure that dental practices benefit from both sole and group arrangements.



Information Technology

For your practice to operate efficiently, you will have to get updated technology systems. MB2 Dental allocates you an on-site team to ensure that everything runs smoothly.



Recruitment process can be tasking and financially draining. So, instead of going through all that trouble, why not let the experts help you. MB2 Dental has an expert team of recruiters that are capable of getting you the right talent to fit in a certain position.



Don’t risk getting your practice closed because of ignorance. Join MB2 Dental and they will help you comply with the law. They will also help your employees comply to the practice’s policy.


Benefit of Joining MB2 Dental


Looking for a company with experience to manage your dental practice, then you should really consider the option of being an MB2 Dental affiliate. The founder of the company, Dr. Chris Villanueva was once in a position like yours. He tried to run a sole dental practice but his business quickly reached its bottom line. Therefore, he knows where you need help in order to for you to concentrate on getting your patients better.



If you want to maintain full control over your medical practice, you should really consider the option of joining MB2 Dental. Yes they manage every aspect of your business and yes they will help your practice become successful but all the while you will be a top of things. You decide what you want and what you dislike. In short, things will be done as you want them.



Joining MB2 Dental translate to profitability to your dental practice. MB2 Dental ensures that you have all the support that you need in order to run a profitable business.  This means that you will have the peace of mind to enable you give the best care to your patients. And, if your patients are getting great services, they will definitely spread word and get you more patients.