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The Water Pollution Issue Reported to the Health Experts

On 8th November it was reported that the quality of water at Placer County was affected. The department of environmental health took up the issue, as it is to them that the problem was reported. The news that went viral stated that E. coli and coliform microorganisms were detected in the Squaw Valleys’ Upper Mountain water, making it unfit for human consumption.



Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’ Report on the Quality of Upper Mountain Water



In response to the issue, facts were laid down for the public to comprehend. As it is, the entire Placer County experienced heavy rainfalls that led to damage of some water systems within the County. The unusually extreme weather condition caused a backlog of some advanced system, which brought about the pollution of the entire system. Following that the issue only occurred on the specific system, then the public can rest assured that no water spilled into their other system.



Evidence That the Contaminated Water Never Reached the Public



Usually, the water suppliers do routine checkups for their water systems. They were quick to discover the issue, and as soon as then reported to the relevant bodies. They consulted with the health experts as well as the most prominent water safety professionals. Currently, the water usage at High Camp and Gold Coast has been barred until the health experts prove that it is safe for drinking.



Informed Steps Made to Maintain Relevance Despite the Contamination



To ensure that all the guests are sufficiently served, the suppliers have maintained their usual services. Additionally, they also supply their clients with clean bottled water at no charge. Going the extra mile depicts that the firm’s goals focus on the customer wellness as an essential.






In case you were not informed about the water safety at Squaw Valley Upper Mountain, now you are updated on the current state. From the recent reports, the effect of the bacteria has been diminishing ever since the water treatment begun. As well, it is confirmed that no single individual got infected as a result of consumption of the water.




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