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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Looks To Continue Leadership As Chairman Of Bradesco

A spokesperson for the Brazilian banking giant Bradesco has recently confirmed that major changes are coming to bank’s the executive suite. First, Lazaro Brandao, the elder statesman of Brazilian finance, will step down for the last time.

At 91 years old, Brandao is among the most senior actively serving chair people anywhere in the world. He will be replaced by current CEO and lifelong employee of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

While it’s easy to understand why Brandao, who has enjoyed a career spanning nearly 75 years with the firm, may finally want to call it quits. In fact, the nonagenarian has stated that his main reason for retiring is to spend more time with his family. But even this has not been enough to quell the nerves of some of the bank’s shareholders. Many see Bradesco as being inseparable from Brandao’s leadership. For a non-founder of a company, Brandao may enjoy more widespread respect and admiration than any other executive in business today. For those involved with Bradesco, Lazaro Brandao has reached the same stature as people such as Sam Walton or Warren Buffett respectively have with the stakeholders of their firms.

But there is another issue relating to the moves. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will now be responsible for appointing his own replacement. He will have until March of 2018 to do so, having said that he is in no rush and will take however long is required to carefully select what could end up being the person who will fill the position for years or decades.


One of the longest careers in banking comes to a close

It seems incredible that any current employee of a bank could still be working there now, even as their first few years as an employee took place when Hitler still ruled Germany. But such is the case of Lazaro Brandao. Coming to work for the bank while World War II was still raging across Europe and the Pacific, in 1943, the 16 year old Brandao was hired on as a bank teller. It was his first job.

Over the next few decades, the ambitious young man proved himself to his superiors and became a highly knowledgeable banker and an able leader. By 1981, he was being noticed by the firm’s top brass. It was that year that he was appointed as CEO according to In 1990, he was again given a top role at the bank when he was slated to head up the board of directors. He held both the positions of CEO and chairman of the board from 1990 to 1999, the only time in the bank’s history that one man has held onto both positions simultaneously on more than a temporary basis. He has been the acting chairman since 1990, a tenure lasting 27 years.

It’s not even these impressive credentials that have endeared Brandao to his firm’s stakeholders with such affinity. Brandao oversaw, between 1990 and 2009, one of the most spectacular expansions of a bank in the history of the country. During that period, the bank’s stock price increased by a factor of approximately 300 times. Brandao was largely credited for the vision of early technological adoption and aggressive expansion, in conjunction with his strong leadership, which led to the massive expansion of the bank, both in terms of valuation and raw size.

For this reason, even as the veteran financier approaches his 92nd birthday, many shareholders are nervous about his departure. But Brandao has repeatedly assured everyone involved that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the best man to replace him as the chairman. He has said that there is no one else in the world he would even consider as his replacement.

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How Michael Lacey & Jim Larkin Fontera Fund Has Promoted Equality

In a world where discrimination and racial segregation has taken center stage, it is of the essence to have an arm or a group of people who fight for the rights of others.

This has brought to light the importance of civil societies and non-governmental organizations. Below is a list of some of the organizations that have been known to fight for the rights of the less privileged.

1: American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organization that specifically deals with enforcing immigrants civil rights and liberties. Apart from this, the organization also aims at fighting private and public discrimination subjected towards the immigrants.

For more than two decades, The American Civil Liberties Union has been on the forefront in protecting the rights and the freedoms of immigrants by using public outreach, promotions, and impact proceedings.

Since its inception, the union has been involved in legal battles on behalf of the discriminated immigrants. Apart from this, it has also put more focus on challenging the set laws that restrict or prevent immigrants from accessing various services.

2: The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights is another organization that has been on the forefront in promoting and advocating for the rights of each and every individual. As an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization, the Advocates for Human Rights specifically fights for the rights of children and women across the globe; a position it has held for more than three decades.

As a way of promoting equality and encouraging discriminated people to come out and air their grievances, the organization offers free legal services to poor individuals who cannot afford the services of a lawyer to represent them. Additionally, the organization educates the public about their rights and offers free training services on how to prevent human rights abuse.

3: Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law was established with the sole purpose being to address racial discrimination in the USA. The committee was formed under the administration of the then president of the United States John F. Kennedy.

With more than five decades of advocating for racial inclusion in the society, the committee has helped a wide array of racially discriminated people to seek legal redress in instances of discrimination. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin |

The committee has been on the forefront when it comes to promoting fairness across all genres by ensuring that ethnic minorities are not subjected to any form racial discrimination in their day to day lives.

4: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Journalists have always been exposed to a wide range of problems especially when it comes to covering or reporting sensitive issues. This was the case when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin confidently exposed and acknowledged the existence of a grand jury proceeding that had co-worked with a local sheriff.

Due to their exposure, the two journalists were arrested and detained illegally. Upon their release, they sued the sheriff for unlawful detention and eventually won the case. They were awarded $3.75 million, an amount they used to set up the Frontera Fund.

The role of the fund is to protect individuals, offer them support, and educate them on their rights. Apart from this, the fund also supports individuals who may be experiencing a violation of their civil and human rights.

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Michael Lacey

Businessman, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin’s Outstanding and Exceptional Leadership Skills

Sheldon Lavin is a well-known name in the meat processing industry. Sheldon is highly respected for his remarkable reputation which he continuously gains for leading OSI Group to massive success. Mr. Lavin currently holds the Chief Executive Officer position at OSI Group. OSI Group is a company involved with food and meat processing on a global scale. Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the company has expanded beyond, having branches in several continents. OSI Group constitutes two major companies that are OSI Industries and OSI International Foods.

Initially, the name of the current huge company was Otto &Sons started by Otto Kolschowsky. It began as a small meat shop that expanded to different areas to be referred to as Otto & Sons in 1928. Otto& Sons gained an impressive reputation for providing high-quality meats in the local area. Some decades after, McDonald’s chose Otto & Sons to supply them with fresh beef for their hamburgers. The business grew and opened a new branch which was dedicated to serving McDonald’s. In 1970, Sheldon came into the picture as the company’s financial consultant.

Otto & Sons was doing okay after the deal they made with McDonald’s, but they had insufficient capital to keep up with the supplying. Sheldon rejected the offer made by the bank of owning Otto & Sons. He concluded that it was best to become the firm’s financial consultant than a business partner. In 1975, Otto Kolschowsky decided to retire, and he left Sheldon as one of the co-partners of the business. Otto’s two sons were the other co-partners of Otto & Sons. After awhile Otto & Sons became the current OSI Group. The organization has since then grown continuously to great extents. It expanded to Europe, Philippines, India, North America, South Africa and much more. Mr. Lavin has managed to lead the organization to massive sales and hence profits.

Sheldon’s education is also an added advantage because he has a Degree in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Lavin has adequate information in the finance and accounting department to lead the company perfectly. Sheldon Lavin has the experience of more than five decades in the meat industry and the expertise that sets him apart. OSI Group has also won different awards together with its leader Sheldon. Mr. Lavin has led OSI Group to numerous accomplishments and expansion. OSI is known best for different acquisitions of other meat processing companies. The acquisition broadens their range of products to serve their clients best.

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Securus Technology Curbing Criminal Activities

Securus Technologies Incorporation is a privately-owned prison technology company. It was established in 1986. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is among the largest providers of parolee tracking, government information management solutions and detainee communication. The company serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities spread in 45 states with about 1000 employees. It has also expanded its services to Canada, Mexico and the District of Columbia. The total number of inmates served by Securus Technologies Incorporation are more than one million. The incorporation has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas state with four regional offices in Dallas Metro area and another one in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies Incorporation is headed by Richard A. Smith who is her Chief Executive Officer.


The company has numerous impacts in the prison technology. The company has provided and is still providing advanced technology meant to solve and prevent crimes. Securus Technologies Incorporation introduced a system for controlling contraband cell phones, which is now one of their products. The company’s Managed Access Solutions by 2016 received approval from at least five departments of correctional facilities. In the same year, it partnered with Harris Corporation from cell defender technology. The company also has a containment solution that is wireless. This solution is meant to block contraband mobile phones from accessing mobile networks.


The company receives accolades and appreciation from many customers. This is for over many years, our correctional services have entirely relied on technological solutions provided by Securus Technologies. I am impressed with how Securus Technologies is carrying out its activities. I am personally encouraged and impressed with how the company is continually revolutionizing the prison environment. By doing so, it helps in ensuring that public safety is improved and maintained. Investigative tools provided for the staff also includes room for proper investigations in times of potential threat and harassment.


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Bob Reina, Opportunity, and the Growth of Talk Fusion

The internet has dramatically changed the way that everything works within the business world. From the way that we approach customers to the way that customers find us, the internet has made it a different system. That is why Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has been making such an impact as the leader of one of the largest video marketing and communication solution companies on the internet. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by Bob Reina on the hunch that video marketing would become a powerhouse in the future. Now, a decade later, we can safely say that Reina was right. He saw it coming. Learn more:


Bob Reina never dreamed that he would become a video marketing professional. In fact, just over a decade ago Bob Reina was looking at a career and a future pension as a police officer. Reina was ten years into his work as a police officer when, during an off duty gig, he met up with a network marketing professional. During this chance encounter Reina was able to learn quite a bit about a quick growing industry. The seeds were planted early on and Reina knew that there was something to think about and take advantage of. Talk Fusion wouldn’t be born for a few more years, but the gears were already turning.


2004 became a flagship year for Bob Reina and what would eventually become Talk Fusion. Reina was touring a home that he wanted to purchase. He wanted to send a video of the house to friends and family through email but he failed to find a client available that would allow him to embed the video. Reina’s light instantly clicked on and he realized that there was room to innovate here. Reina hooked up with an old friend who was an it expert and the two immediately set out working on the Video Email application. Just a few short years later the program would go live and the rest would be history. Now Talk Fusion is continuing their push toward excellence within a market that demands so much and they are succeeding easily.

Businessman, Real Estate

Special – JHSF and José Auriemo Neto

José in Dell

JHSF’s José Auriemo Neto dominates massive real estate endeavors in Brazil and abroad. His company is globally respected, but that’s not all. Believe it or not, but José once worked for Dell Desktop Technical Support as a Desktop Support Technical Agent. This was back in 2002. The support phone number to reach the tech support division that he displayed is found below; it has, of course, changed with the years:

More – Tech Support Number – PC Technical Support

José would often encourage new clients or customers to call 1-800-394-8983 for immediate assistance! Agents were standing by and would be more than happy to assist you, providing, your reference number as well as the serial number located on your model. José would encourage customers to keep in mind that certain call volumes are longer than others, and wait times vary by availability and busyness peaks. Learn more about him:

JHSF and José Auriemo Neto’s Workplace Policy on Remission Treatment of Employees

JHSF believes that treatment is a choice, and full remission is possible though the concept of initial sobriety seems beyond reach at the moment. As a personal choice, the patient must consent and then do his or her part to succeed. Consent to care must never be forced.

José and his team have also written and edited hundreds of orders online and can type faster than 77 wpm; José is constantly learning in his field and in other fields as well, maximizing every opportunity. Many shopping centers, hotels and airports have been blessed as a result of his and JHSF’s efforts.


The Fabletics Brand Excels

A lot of women that are working out for the first time are going to look for clothes that are comfortable. Once they start working out over a period of time they are also going to be interested in style. The women that go to Fabletics are especially interested in style if they attend a gym where men are present as well.


Kate Hudson realizes that everyone is not going to be working out in sweats around the house. She knew when she co-founded Fabletics that she would be onto something different. She realized that her ultimate goal would be to coupled with comfort and style so Hudson would come up with a brand of clothing that would appeal to many different women. This is how Fabletics has come into existence. It has become the company that people are interested in because it provides a whole new way for them to consider their style options for working out.


Kate Hudson is definitely a trendsetter when it comes to stylish clothes because she created a brand where people could see new garments on a regular basis. This is not something that happens with most athletic clothing brands. People that go to Amazon, for example, may not even see anything that is remotely new from one week to the next. This is the competitive advantage of Kate Hudson has gained. She has been able to create a brand where people can actually see new garments from her company on a regular basis. This may be the thing that keeps her fans loyal to the fabletics brand. If they know that they have a chance to get something new they may be more intrigued to come back to the website and browse.


Many people are now talking about the connection that Kate Hudson has with Demi Lovato. This is another thing that has prompted more new clothes from the Fabletics brand. There is a limited edition athletic clothing by Demi Lovato that is part of the Fabletics collection. It is this type of innovation that intrigues consumers. This is also a great way for Kate Hudson to build a greater brand awareness or Fabletics. She knows how to captivate the minds of the young consumers that are looking for a better amount of variety. So many people are going to be interested in the Fabletics brand because it is better than most competitors.


Jeremy Goldstein & New York’s New Legal Service

It has become harder to find a good lawyer, who can help you with legal crisis that you face including: criminal, child custody, personal, landlord-tenant problem or other legal cases. Looking for the right lawyer is often stressful and time-consuming. However, good news for New York consumers and business, the struggle for finding a lawyer is now over. The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service just launched a new online portal, available for use 24 hours a day is completely confidential.


The New York State Bar Association has vetted and reviewed the credentials of the lawyers. Individuals will now not have to worry about being matched with the right lawyer and who is in good legal standing. This new services makes it easier for lawyers to provide their services to more people, while also offering their serves at a lower cost. The New York State Bar Association launched this service with assistance from, which is a nationwide provider of marketplace technology for those in the legal field.


One such lawyer, that you can be matched with is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is leading partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Before starting his own firm, Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Rosen and Lipton law firm. Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the leading experts on executive compensation and corporate governance.


The new online process is very simple. Those in need of a lawyer, fill out a questionnaire that lists their legal issue and location. The survey is then reviewed and matched with a lawyer within their community or nearby area. Referrals are free, however after 30 minutes of consultation with a lawyer, there will be a $35 fee.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of many of the country’s largest corporate transactions in the last three decades. He oversaw the purchase of Goodrich by United Technologies. Jeremy Goldstein is currently the chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He has been named one of the leading executive compensation lawyers by Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and The Legal 500.


Jeremy Goldstein earned his J.D. from New York University School of Law and an M.S. from the University of Chicago. He received his bachelor’s of arts from Cornell University. He is the chairman of the board for several charities including Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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Wine Investing

Investing In Wine

One of the most dynamic industries in the economy is the wine industry. Since the economy has started to improve from the last recession, more people are purchasing wine. UKV PLC is a wine investment company that is working to improve their market share. Not only does UKV PLC invest in wine businesses across the United Kingdom, but they also produce and sell their own wine as well.

Wine Industry Changes

During the last economic crash, many people stopped buying wine in order to save money. This resulted in a major glut of wine on the market. Prices came down, and many wine companies went out of business. UKV PLC used this as an opportunity to buy these companies at a steep discount. A lot of people are excited about the future of UKV PLC because they have diverse holdings across the industry.

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Making Wine

UKV PLC recently decided to start producing and selling their own wine. A lot of people love the taste and quality of the wine they produce.

The process of making wine is difficult. Not only does it require a lot of land and equipment, but it also requires a lot of patience. UKV PLC is excited about the investments that they have made in order to produce better wine in the future.

Future Plans

Many people expect that the wine industry is going to continue growing in the years ahead. UKV PLC is a company that is growing rapidly with new mergers and acquisitions.

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Financial, Investment Advice, Wealth Solutions

Blair and Hope

Richard Blair Started It All and Made This Option Possible for Many in Austin


Richard Blair offered Austin, Texas residents a whole new hope in terms of finances, wealth investment, retirement and more when he opened his own business – Wealth Solutions – in the area more than 20 years ago. Ever since then, he and the company have been hard to work to find new ways of making financial planning and living far easier and more convenient for many. They have succeeded greatly and only continue to succeed; now, you may find Richard and his company on, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more.


The Proper Management of One’s Wealth and How Wealth Solutions Will Play Into That Aspect – What One Can Hope to Expect from Wealth Solutions as a Client


Wealth Solutions experts know that managing another person’s wealth is both no easy task and no light matter altogether, and that’s why the company takes this aspect of its services very seriously, indeed. It only employs some of the best experts into these delicate fields of care, in fact, and only promotes from within: The company will simply not hire amateurs to handle the money of their clients and customers, for that would be unprofessional by the highest degree. Blair himself is a man of serious business and would not have it otherwise; that’s why you can rely on having only the best solutions offered to you – by people who know what they’re talking about. Learn more:


On this note, it’s also important to remember that each client’s personal investment goal is unique, and that’s why the business offers its individualized, hands-on service in a one-to-one environment. No two clients are alike. Nor do they have the same goal or goals.


Since clients continually seek the need to remain in control of their finances and financial products overall, that’s also why Wealth Solutions’s wealth management services are the best around: They uniquely allow the client to step in at any time and review or modify certain account functions, settings, term agreements and more.


Retirement and More – What Does Wealth Solutions Have to Say on the Matter?


On the main site’s Retirement Tab, found under the Blog section, one can find a wealth of advice on retiring. Included is the company’s tips. Wealth Solutions offers guidance for every step. Learn more: